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How To Work 4 hours/day, 4 days/week and Earn $1M+/year by Dr. Len Schwartz

“The 441 Program”
(AKA “The Save 20 Years of Your Life Business-Building Wealth Shortcut”
And How to Never Take Crap From a Prospect or Client Ever Again!)

What is the 441 Program?

441 stands for:

  • Work 4 hours per day

  • Work 4 days per week

  • Earn $1M+ per year in income.

I create a personalized business AND marketing development PLAN for my clients –
the 441 framework – along with systems, processes and procedures that can be implemented quickly and easily.

I also refer to this as…

“The Save 20 Years of Your Life Business-Building Wealth Shortcut”…
And How to Never Take Crap From a Prospect or Client Ever Again!

This is a Program where you get to actually re-design your business… by getting the clients you want, charging what you want and working when you want.

I don’t know about you?

I hate begging (or chasing) for business.

I hate asking for referrals.

I hate depending on anyone for new business.

I hate not having multiple sources of new business in place.

I hate the idea of “Hoping” new clients will find me.


      Heck NO!

      Not for me.

     I CAN’T do that for 20 years and hope I get wealthy
      and achieve Top 1% status.

     Here IS my PLAN…

     I love making obscene amounts of money.

     I love when new clients reach out to me.

     I love when I receive referrals without asking for them.

     I love having multiple SOURCES of my ideal prospects
      that feed me new clients every day.

     I love being the person in charge of my biz growth.

     I love being the person calling the shots.

     I love taking small ~$1000 investments and getting a return
      of $2500 – $10,000 a week MINIMUM for months and years.
       (I call this Micro-Investing.)


     Let me put ALL of my cards on the table while you’re here…

     I am VERY impatient.

     Is it just me?

     Are you as impatient as I am?



I REFUSE to scrimp, save and kiss ass for 20+ years to have a pile of money I can “live off of”
when I am sitting on my rocking chair on my porch all day.

I also don’t want to sit on dozens of phone calls and meetings with insincere,
time-wasting, tire-kicker prospects… grind my life away and deal with BS for 10 – 20 years so I can sell my biz one day for 7 figures. 

And maybe it’s just me?

But, I wasn’t born to chase prospects every day depend on lead lists or referrals or
PPC campaigns (fighting ad rejections and rising click costs) and/or listening to a prospect
for the 1000th time tell me that, “I want to think about it, can you call me in 6 months?”

Is it just me?

Are you as impatient as I am?

Let me show you something I wish I would’ve known much earlier in life…

I call this the “441 Program”. 

Not only has it short-cut my financial goals…

I’ve done it from a position of Expert Authority.

I’ve watched it do the same for so many others…

Now, I want to share as much as I can with you here…

In short, I’ve totally figured out how to get CONTROL of marketing assets.

These marketing assets are your most valuable (unlimited) SOURCES of new clients (or patients).

And, you can cash flow them in DAYS…Not years…


===> STOP using Transactional Marketing (i.e. Marketing that has 1 goal = go for the sale).

===> START using Transformational Marketing (i.e. Marketing that creates interest, desire, curiosity, fear of missing out…even demand…and attracts clients…all because of the way you make people FEEL).

You know who has got this nailed?

Who are some of the wealthiest people on the planet right now?

Hedge Fund Managers  

HFMs offer to TRANSFORM your wealth…take a mountain of money and wealth
it took someone else 30, 40 or 50 years to CREATE and they GET CONTROL.

Then on AVERAGE, they charge 1% to 2% in management fees. Win or lose.

And then they enjoy (on average) 20% of the investor’s net profits as a performance fee.  

As you know, they call this a “2 and 20” fee structure. (2% management and 20% performance)

And at the top of every HFMs priority list is AUM.

To grow…

They simply ADD more and more AUM. 

Looking at Wikipedia it’s telling me the #1 hedge fund in the world has $132 billion in AUM. 

The 15th largest has $25.3 billion.

That’s like $500,000 million in 2% mgmt fees.

Now, according to eFinancialCareers, guess what the AVERAGE age of a hedge fund manager is?

37 years old!

Do you see?

A 60-year-old businesswoman who took her whole life to save $10 million or more is turning it over to a 37-year-old.

Now, I don’t know how old you are?

If you’re 27 years old, are you patient enough to build your own assets until you’re 47 – 57 years old so you can start cash flowing them?

…or if you’re 47 years old, can you wait until you’re 67?

Life is short, isn’t it?

How patient are you?



Hope I’m not being rude in asking?

Most of your profession acts like a law has been passed that says we must work hard,
prospect and grind it out every day for 20 – 30 years…chasing after prospects week after week
in order to build the business and 7+ figure income we want.

And WHY would we want to take years to get the income we want, when we can get CONTROL now?

You can strip me of everything I own except the clothes on my back…take away my 30-year street cred …

Drop me off at a Starbucks with a Macbook and an internet connection.

Give me 48 hours.

And I’ll set up a SYSTEM where I’ll put at LEAST $1,000 a week in my pocket…
for less than a
Venti Macchiato every day.

That truly is FREEDOM to me.

When I don’t NEED a thing from anyone.

When NO ONE person can screw with my livelihood. 

Not a client. Not Facebook. Not Google. Not even the economy can stop me

When the economy goes crazy OR down, your colleagues want me to make it rain sales for them more than EVER!

There is no shortage.

And the WAY I do it, it doesn’t matter if they’ve NEVER HEARD OF ME before. 

I’ve been doing this since 1999, it is by far the most lucrative and efficient business-building model I’ve ever found.


Work 4 hours per day

Work 4 days per week

Earn 1M+ per year

And excuse my French

But I don’t have to kiss anyone’s ass either!

I’m not alone in this…

Just had a client – a Financial Advisor – talk to a prospect that turned over $5,000,000 after a 5-minute conversation…

The Advisor simply communicated how AND why he was uniquely qualified to help him,
and WHY he cannot find another FA that can help him like he can.

Can you do this with your prospects?

If you’re still reading this and think you’re better/different than everyone else…

I KNOW you can! (if you know HOW)

“But, Dr. Len…this sounds too good to be true!”

I know, I know…I hear this all the time.
Stick with me…I’ve got more to share about HOW and WHY this works…

I’ve watched some of your younger colleagues with 3 or 4 years in the business
add $20k – $40k per month in income starting in their first 60 – 90 days.

I’ve got a client (Financial Advisor) who added $14MM in AUM in less than 30 days
WITHOUT ever meeting a client in person – it was done all over the phone or zoom.

A Chiropractor added $17k in less than 3 days.

An Insurance agent added $100k in net income in less than 90 days.

Another added $10MM in new business in less than 6 months.

New clients, NOT leads. 

No prospecting. No chasing.

Here is WHY this works:

1. When you learn how to CONTROL marketing assets –
SOURCES of YOUR new clients (and patients) – and you know HOW to “reverse the chase”…

2. You can talk to at least 3 – 5 interested prospects every day/week –
reach out to you so they can learn more about how you can help them…

AND, you can do it ALL in 4 hours per day and 4 days per week.

Total game changer.

This is how we are able to help our clients ‘make it rain’ so fast…

And acquire an extra 3 – 5 new clients (or 10 – 20 patients), add $20k – $100k per month –
every month, WITHOUT marketing, prospecting, paying for ads, cold calls, seminars, or any other outdated marketing effort.

Here is WHY it’s NOT too good to be true:

Do the math…
If you only talk to 3 quality prospects every week (12 – 15 per month)…
How many will you acquire as new clients (patients)?
How much will you earn from those new clients (patients)?

You with me?



The 441 Program Cont’d...

Here’s what this is about…

95% of your profession chases prospects in a way where they hope that someone says “Yes“ to wanting to learn more.

When you know how to control marketing assets, and use the 441 PROCESS

Imagine this…

You wake up on Monday morning, grab a cup of coffee,
sit down at your computer and see an email notifying you that you have a new appointment scheduled for you.

Yes! You have another appointment with an ideal prospect this week.

You wake up on Tuesday and see another confirmed appointment.

By Wednesday afternoon, you have 2 more appointments scheduled, and 2 more waiting to be finalized.

​And this happens week after week.

That’s what this is about…

I’ve totally figured out how to Find and Engage YOUR ideal, INTERESTED prospects –
and get them excited to reach out to you DIRECTLY and request to schedule an appointment to talk to you about how you can help them.

(SECRET: There are more prospects in your area than you could ever handle in one lifetime.
And, it’s soooo easy to get them to chase you.)

I have my clients do this every day for their business.

They usually invest 30 – 45 minutes.

They typically schedule 1 – 3 appointments per day.

A few prospects stink up the place. 

But, that’s the best part of this effort –

You can say, “No” to anyone that’s not a fit because you have 50 – 100+ brand new ideal prospects
at your fingertips starting every Monday morning.

What are Marketing ASSETS?

Marketing assets you can use (and control) are: Expert Positioning, Email, Social Media, Text,
Trusted Authority, Social Networking, Direct Response, and more.

Those are your workhorses.

And, just so we’re CRYSTAL clear…

I am NOT talking about buying leads, lead lists, or relying on referrals, or making cold calls,
or eating cold processed eggs at a 7:00 AM Networking meeting …or ANY other old,
outdated, “chase-the-prospect” marketing tactic that so many in your profession still use (and hate).

My clients bring in an extra $20,000 to $100,000 every month WITHOUT
spending 1 minute prospecting, chasing, cold calling, doing plate licker seminars,

OR spending a dime on marketing or advertising…AND…


Their new clients are over the moon happy to be working with the best-of-the-best, Go-TO Expert in their city/area.



My clients’ “tap into” multiple SOURCES of weekly prospects, appointments,
new clients… and the MONEY is ADDICTING! 

And since YOU call the shots

You get to decide how many appointments you schedule every week and/or
how many sources of new clients (patients) you “tap into.”

But bare minimum…

You (or an assistant) can invest 30 – 45 minutes per day and schedule and talk to at least 2 – 4 ideal prospects every week.

No sweat. 

Now, 2 – 4 a week is bare minimum.

Not a bad way to add $250k – $1MM per year WITHOUT having to work more hours, hire extra staff, pay for marketing, etc., right?

4 hours per day…
4 days per week.
$1M per year.

You just make it rain, baby.

And, you never have to make another cold call, deal with another gatekeeper,
buy another lead or teach another dinner seminar again (unless you want to).

And, you NEVER have to kiss butt or take shizz from anyone…ever!


And like Oren Klaff would say…

“I am the prize, not the client!”

And because…

I remove all the risk with this PROCESS,

If you are in a regulated profession, you can bet it’ll be 100% compliance approved.


Do you have to present Zoom presentations or salesy webinars to every prospect?

Heck NO!

I’d rather take a power kick to my man parts than have to do salesy zoom calls every day.

Just regular phone calls…just like you would have with any other interested prospect.

I call this The “441 Process”.

This is my (almost) unfair advantage.


* Transformational Marketing is used to create interest, desire, curiosity,
fear of missing out…even demand…and attract clients…all because of
the way it makes people FEEL.

* Transactional Marketing is what 95% of your colleagues do.
It has 1 purpose = go for the sale. (it’s a soul-sucking effort that rarely works)

It’s the 441 PROCESS that does most of the heavy lifting for you.

The “trick” is…

knowing how to hand-pick and engage the right prospects
and getting the RIGHT PEOPLE on the phone with you.

I’ve been helping your colleagues since 1999.

It’s the best biz model I’ve ever found because there are so FEW moving parts
and so much PERSONAL autonomy to do whatever you want… and

You get to CONTROL how many prospects, appointments and new clients you talk to every week –
in about 30 – 45 minutes per day.

…Setting the PRE-FRAME before you talk to them.

…KNOWING what they want help with before you get on the phone.


I’ve worked out all of the problems and kinks over the last 5 years…


*How do you engage and/or talk to your ideal, interested prospects every day? 

*And, how to schedule at least 1 appointment every day with a qualified prospect
WITHOUT prospecting, chasing or being salesy?

*How to use the Rapid-Trust-Building (RTB) technique to get even cold quality prospects to quickly trust you and eagerly ask you if you would set up a time to talk to them about how you can help them.

*How to be positioned as the Expert – “reverse the chase”,
so your ideal prospects chase you. (Hint: everyone wants to work with the best!)

*Which prospects I would RUN from as fast as possible. Surprisingly,
these are the very people many of your colleagues talk to and/or accept as clients (and then regret).

*The 15-minute effort with 6 figure per-month potential. 

*How to practically eliminate the dreaded endless follow-up….
and get your prospects to “CLOSE” you.

*Keeping the “Expert’s Stance” and being the PRIZE and chooser.

*How to get 10 – 20 people/business owners who want to refer clients to you…
to reach out to YOU first…
and ask YOU to talk about how you may be able to work together…

*Avoiding time and energy “Bog Down”, so you can keep adding 2 – 4 new clients (or 10 – 20 new patients),
income and cash every month while working 25% – 50% less.


If you like what I’m “laying down” here about working 4 hours per day, 4 days per week and generating $1M+ per year…

You could probably figure this out and take the lumps as you go?

It only took me 10 years. 

I’m not the sharpest crayon in the box, so you could likely figure it out faster?


What if I gave you everything you need to work 4 hours per day,
4 days per week, in order to acquire an extra 3 – 5 new clients (10 – 20 patients) every month minimum…

…in about 30 – 45 minutes per day…

WITHOUT paid ads, prospecting, chasing, workshops, direct mail,
cold calls, lead lists, appointment setters, relying on referrals, etc.,…

Would you take me up on it?


In short…

I’m handing over the keys…

to everything you need to set yourself up to work 4 hours per day, 4 days per week,
add 20k – 100k (or more) per month in income so you earn $1M+ per year

 (No begging, chasing, prospecting or putting up with BS, ever. YOU make the rules.)

(Under the hood are all of the 441 efforts, SYSTEMS, processes, etc., and more that have allowed folks like my client John to kick butt and add $14MM in AUM in less than 30 days with this.

I’d call this a recurring revenue machine in a box, but it’s all in a Member’s Area waiting for you!)


No need to sweat the investment.

If you are already successful…
Unless someone is going through a huge break-up or some other horrible life apocalypse? 

This will be totally doable. 

If you’re a detail kinda guy or girl…

Let me lay this out “bullet-ish” style to save my old typing fingers and your eyeballs…

So you don’t have to sit through a darn 8 week course and can move as fast as YOU want

* We’re going to have an Onboarding Call so I can create your personalized business-building “441 Implementation Plan”

* We’re going to get laser specific about how you can start talking to quality prospects within the 1st week
AND earning Expert Positioning in your market, and with your clients and prospects too.

(It slays me that most of your profession works so hard to market themselves in a way that makes them look just like everyone else.

They are literally paying to stay TRAPPED in the “dime a dozen.”)

* You’re going to learn how to communicate your VALUE and the value of your services
in a way that CLEARLY separates you from everyone else…

… so you just become the logical choice to hire in your area. 

BECAUSE, when a prospect senses that they have 999 other choices than you…

They treat you poorly, always want more from you, but want to pay you LESS!

My 441 clients don’t fight over crumbs. 

We do the CHOOSING because…

We are one IN a million! 


Because it’s soooo easy to quickly earn a new prospect’s TRUST and respect (Rapid Trust Building)…

…prospects excitingly ask you if you would be willing to schedule an appointment
so they can learn more about how you can help them.

Because we can present ourselves as the clear Expert and Trusted Authority…

in a world where nobody is willing to put their money where their mouth is…

…my clients’ calendars have plenty of appointments.

Imagine this from your ideal client’s perspective…

They get pitched all the time…BUT, they don’t know WHAT to do, WHERE to go or WHO to trust…

Then they find out about you…

…and you are able to clearly describe and define how and why you are better/different than EVERYONE else (without bragging)…

Now, that’s MUSIC to their ears

No big fat risk in choosing the wrong person.

No more trying to figure out who they should work with.

No long drawn out follow-up song and dance.

Do you see how that’s easy to get a “YES” to?

And you’ll learn how to GET CONTROL of 100 – 1000 local, targeted, quality prospects every week.

(See why I call the 441 Program “The 20 Year Business-Building Wealth Shortcut”?)


Our clients have done over $100+ million…working together…

If you’re committed to doing everything you can to dial in your business and income this year…

I’d like to invite you to apply to see if this will work for you.

*With the 441 Program…

Don’t be surprised if you bank $5k, $10k, even $25k in your first 30 – 45 days! 

Back in 2004, I started a company called Pro2Pro Network.

I believe Pro2Pro became the largest professional referral network in North America.

How does this help you?

After 16+ years, and investing millions of dollars …

I have acquired 3,000,000+ connections, emails, and/or relationships with CPAs, Accountants, Attorneys, Business owners, Execs, Doctors and Professionals across North America…

…that are mostly 40 – 70 years old and typically earn 250k – 3MM per year.

In fact,

If you live in a mid-to-large city/area, I likely have over 100,000 of your ideal clients in my personal lists, networks, groups, sites, etc.


With the 441 Program,

I’m going to use my 100,000+ prospects and help you secure 5 – 10 new client opportunities every month…

THEY will ask you for the appointment. (Remember, we don’t chase anyone!)

It’s rare I work with a client and not find 2 – 4 new clients every month just waiting for them in that database.

It’s all about the 441 SYSTEMS and Processes.


You want MORE specific Details about what’s in the 441 Program?

I’ve got you covered.

 1 Daily Effort – You can use this process on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or any other social network you’re on.

4 Weekly Efforts– You will use Email and Social Media platforms to implement this process.

(Ex. If I showed how to send an email that generated 1 – 3 new clients ( 3 – 5+ new patients) every month, would you send it?)

3 Monthly Efforts– These 3 efforts typically generate 2 – 4 new clients (5 – 10 patients) every month.


Not yet! Stay with me…

*There is absolutely NO paid advertising required either.  

*The 441 Process, Implementation PLAN, the what, where and how…all EASY to implement…I just need you to give me 30 – 45 minutes per day. 

This is a BIGGIE! 

*The Expert Positioning and Trusted Authority Process: YOUR UNBEATABLE AND (ALMOST) UNFAIR ADVANTAGE:

Back in 1999 when I started working with your colleagues,
I knew there was one thing they desperately needed to work on more than just about anything else.

→ Expert positioning and Trusted Authority status 

Most people and professionals think everyone in your profession are the same.

We both know that’s NOT true!

And, by now you know me…

I sure as heck wasn’t going to let my clients stay trapped in the dime-a-dozen…chasing after prospects like most of their colleagues. 



So, I applied the “Expert Positioning Formula” for every client I work with.

Now, you are going to learn how to share INSIGHT with every prospect you talk to
and clearly define WHY they cannot find anyone else that can help them like YOU can. 

You are going to USE communication AND psychology in a way you never imagined…

(All compliance approved if you are in a regulated profession.)

If you’re not used to having people ask you,
“Would you please accept me as your client?”…

Get ready…

I kid you not! 

This is also your secret weapon for becoming the Go-To EXPERT  in your area.

Sure, it takes some time…but positive word-of-mouth spreads very quickly amongst the type of clients (or patients) you want to acquire.


As far as acquiring new clients with the 441 SYSTEMS…

95%+ still think you have to do all kinds of chasing and prospecting every week…

You can do those things if you want…

Now, you won’t have to!

Just give me about 30 – 45 minutes per day and implement the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly systems…

You’ll be scheduling appointments with 3 – 5 prospects every week and acquiring 3 – 5 new clients (10 – 20 patients) every month.
(That’s if you only close 20% of the people that you talk to).

Some of my 441 guys and gals delegate this to a staff member so they can do what they love to do…
talk to prospects and serve their clients every day.

What’s next?

You can put an end to ever needing to take crap from pushy,
overbearing prospects or clients again and
start being the PRIZE today.

It’s not unusual that my CLIENTS take back their freedom and earn 5 – 6 figures in 3 – 4 weeks (give or take)
as long as they’ve got 30 – 45 minutes per day to implement the Plan

If you’re ready to rock n’ roll and start adding an extra $20k – $100k per month together…

Here’s what to do next…

Tap that link…and tell me more about YOU and YOUR business.

Click Here ===> DIQ

After we receive your information, we’ll figure out (together) whether this will work for you.

Once you’re “In”…

You’ll start scheduling 3 – 5 appointments per week

(and start adding $20k – $100k per month) as soon as this month.

There are a lot of ways you can make money.

Money is good.

Being able to make all the money you want WITHOUT needing to pay for marketing or advertising
AND/OR the need to prospect or chase clients every day is priceless.

It’s true Freedom.

I will always have my freedom now.

And you can do it all in 4 hours per day and 4 days per week.

If all of the above resonates with you…

Let’s get started.

Click Here to tell me about you and your business now while it’s fresh in your mind.

Excited to get to know you!

On Your Team…

– Dr. Len Schwartz

P.S. Have a Question? Happy to help…

Once you submit your form, we can answer all of your questions…

===>Click Here to Submit Your DIQ Form

P.P.S. Another PS?

If you got the suspicion that I was being super conservative with the 3 – 5 appointments per week, you may be right:-)

Q: How is this different from everything else?:

  1. You are NOT paying us for leads, leads lists, referrals or appointments.

  2. We are NOT scheduling any appointments for you.

  3. You are investing to learn a 441 PLAN and SKILLS…and know HOW to use different SYSTEMS/EFFORTS
    to literally hand-pick the prospects you want to talk to every week and the new clients (patients) you want to acquire throughout the month.

  4. That means that you CONTROL 100% of the appointments (and prospects) you schedule and talk to.

  5. And, with this 441 Program… you can expect to talk to 3 – 5 prospects every week
    and acquire 3 – 5 (or more) of your ideal new clients (10 – 20 new patients) every month.

  1. Remember, NO paid ads, prospecting, chasing, cold calls, seminars, selling, forcing or convincing required.

Q: I’m not sure I understand the Process?

A: The 441 Program is a personalized, business growth and marketing plan designed for you to be able to work 4 hours per day, 4 days per week and generate $1M+ per year in income.

The 441 Program is designed to give you full control of becoming the go-to expert in your area AND gain the SKILL to help you add the new clients (or patients) and income you want every month while working 25% – 50% less. 

Want to see if this will work for you?

Click Here

IMPORTANT: I think it’s important to mention that we don’t sell leads or lead lists. So, if that’s what you want, I cannot help you.

*If you are an Advisor or Attorney, we are EXCEPTIONALLY sensitive to compliance and keeping you safe/compliant. You should expect everything we do together to be compliance approved.

A little about me:

I’ve been helping your colleagues since 1999. I do things differently. I help my clients put systems in place that generate all of the clients/patients they want every month – WITHOUT paid advertising or prospecting required.

I look forward to our call.

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