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I am Dr. Len Schwartz. I have been helping chiropractors build their practice and master their marketing since the late 90's. I am the only chiropractor in the world who has worked with and been trained by Fortune 500 marketing masters. I have worked with Chet Holmes, Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins, E-Myth's Michael Gerber, Fran Tarkenton, Janet Switzer and almost every chiropractic leader in the world. In fact, I have partnered with Chet Holmes (Fortune 500 Trainer) to create the professions ONLY "Fortune 500" caliber practice-building solution.

Dr. Len Schwartz- A Mindset for Success

Dr. Len Schwartz- A Mindset for Success     Hey, this is Dr. Len Schwartz.   Most business owners focus their thoughts and energy how or why that they are doing, or about to do won’t work.   For example, “I’m going to fail”, or “this won’t generate the results …

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