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I am Dr. Len Schwartz. I have been helping chiropractors build their practice and master their marketing since the late 90's. I am the only chiropractor in the world who has worked with and been trained by Fortune 500 marketing masters. I have worked with Chet Holmes, Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins, E-Myth's Michael Gerber, Fran Tarkenton, Janet Switzer and almost every chiropractic leader in the world. In fact, I have partnered with Chet Holmes (Fortune 500 Trainer) to create the professions ONLY "Fortune 500" caliber practice-building solution.

Dr. Len Schwartz- $4 Million Client

Who doesn’t love starting out the year with a $4 million dollar client?!! (SEE PIC) Byron is a great client of mine! Byron is now using a step-by-step process for integrating his personality along with high-level communication (speech, words, vocabulary)… …all designed to help him earn instant trust, respect and …

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