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Dr. Len Schwartz- The Group Interview

Dr. Len Schwartz- The Group Interview

Today, I want to discuss how adding a new employee can increase your business growth as well as help you establish your name, brand, and reputation in the community.


I refer to it as the panel interview.


Every time you want to hire a new employee, conduct a group interview first, I advise all of my clients.


Bring together 10 or 15 people, either in person or via zoom.


Inform them in advance of your superiority and uniqueness, your qualifications, and the reasons why your services and solutions are superior to those of your competitors.


Then, you’ll get to the specific requirements for who and what you’re seeking in a new employee.


Utilize that same time to convince 10, 15, or more individuals to return to their own worlds armed with the knowledge and wisdom you have just provided about how and why you are the best.


This will enhance your reputation, brand, and name, encourage recommendations, and support the maintenance of your authority.

















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