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How To Double Your Conversions in 5 Minutes

What if I told you that by making ONE small tweak to your e-mails, flyers, ads, newsletters, lecture titles, articles, videos, etc., – you could DOUBLE your open rates, viral marketing “effect”, market penetration, expert positioning, leads and referrals.

Two weeks ago, I showed one of my clients how to generate a huge response during the “toughest” time of year.I gave her a unique, proven formula that gets people to open, respond and TAKE ACTION!

It’s all about the HEADLINE formula.

This is different from what everyone else is teaching.
Pretty powerful stuff.
What’s even MORE powerful is when you combine my headline strategy with this week’s strategic lead generation SYSTEM that I shared with you yesterday.
It’s easy and it flat out works!

Here are some examples of headlines you can use today:

1.Common Mistakes That Destroy ______________
2.Discover the 7 Essential Secrets That Guarantee ______________
3.Good News for people with ______________
4.How to Quickly Recover from ______________
5.How to Effectively Handle ______________
6.How to Make ______________ Work for You
7.How to Turn ______________ into ______________
8.Questions and Answers About ______________
9.The Amazing Solution for ______________
10.The Best and Worst Ideas for ______________
11. The Complete Guide to ______________
12. The Worst Mistakes You Can Make When ______________
13. Top 10 ______________ Do’s and Don’ts
14.  Your Must-Know Guide to ______________

Use these as your subject line in your e-mails, newsletters and special offers – and watch your open rates double!Use these as titles in your e-books, articles and videos, and watch your downloads double.

Use these strategically in your client communication and watch your leads and referrals double.

Want to generate an extra 10 – 20 pre-qualified leads per month?
To Doubling Your Business,
Dr. Len

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