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2 Ways To IMMEDIATELY Grow Your Practice In 2016

Sometimes when you simplify things,
The RESULTS just explode…

Growing ANY business boils down to 2 things:

#1: Generating a steady flow of interested, pre-qualified prospects every month:

If your business is already making money, chances are you’re not leveraging your database, “expert” status, exposure, market penetration, brand, fame, etc.,…

Which means you are not generating nearly as many new patients/clients as you could be, and that means you are losing money every month!

Are you monetizing your email database enough?  Are you generating referrals every week?  Are you generating at least 5 – 10 pre-qualified leads every week?

If not, those are all profit and income leaks.

There are prospective clients actively looking for YOUR services, right NOW – and money just sitting there ready to be earned, but it’s eluding you because you aren’t getting YOUR message in front of them.

#2: Adding Strategic Lead Generation Systems

I want you to think about who your ideal, perfect client is.  Can you describe them?

Now, answer honestly, how many lead-generation SYSTEMS do you have in place that are targeting these specific people every week?

If you have less than 5 CONSISTENT efforts in place, you are losing money!

It’s simple:

If you want to generate 5x – 10x more pre-qualified leads and new clients, you need more lead-generation systems in place that specifically target your ideal clients.

This is simple, but POWERFUL.

When I talk with my new clients, I always ask them…

Who are your ideal, perfect clients?
How are you attracting these people?
How are your services better/different than everyone else?

When you give your ideal, perfect clients (i.e. prospective clients) more ways to find you –  it becomes an easy way to grow VERY quickly.

So as we enter 2016, think simple and strategic.

Don’t focus on the old, worn-out, over-used traditional tactics and lead gen efforts to grow your business.

These will generate some business, but to fill your business with your ideal clients and grow quickly – focus on getting your message, services and solutions in front of your most desired clients multiple times per week.

These concepts and lead generation systems are the only focus inside my Market Domination Services group.

Yes, I go over other strategies and tactics,…

But we primarily implement the lead-generation SYSTEMS that will fill your practice with only your perfect clients…and transform your business in the FASTEST amount of time.

If you’re determined to make 2016 the year your business and income really take off…

The year you achieve and receive the goals you promised yourself…

Then, Click HERE -> https://marketdomination.wufoo.com/…/how-to-generate-1020-…/  and I’ll tell you how to generate an additional 10 – 20 local, targeted, pre-qualified leads EVERY month on total auto-pilot.

Talk soon,

Dr. Len

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