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For Open Minded Advisors Who Want To Receive A Steady Flow Of New Clients (4 Steps included)

Calling all of the Financial Experts and Specialists who want to have a steady flow of QUALIFIED new clients, create BALANCE in their Life, and be part of the Top 1% (withOUT stress, losing sleep or cutting down on “family time”…)

If you’re finally ready to take control of your business and income – and want to receive an automated flow of quality leads and new clients each month…
…Then, it’s time to read on!

I spent the last few days in downtown Dallas doing some high-level,
business-building marketing work at a private mastermind group
(and some very successful 7-figure per year earners).

One of the things I shared was a
proven 4-step formula that I use to help my clients
acquire new clients EVERY month on total auto-pilot..


I want to share it with you!

There is a very simple formula you can
use – right now – to start acquiring your ideal, perfect clients
every month.

And you should read on especially if you are STILL trying to generate leads and new clients using strategies like direct mail, dinner seminars, screenings, flyers, cold-calls, knocking on doors, free social media strategies, and/or simply thinking that people will just eventually find you…

The way I’m going to show you is a much better, faster, smarter way!

As Advisors and Financial Specialists, most try to do it all on their own,
barely accepting any kinda help at all.
It’s in your genes, I guess. One man army. Doing it all on your own.

However, over my 17+ years as a business-building marketing strategist…
I know from deep experience that the SUCCESSFUL Advisors all enjoy ‘massive’ amounts of external help.

It’s all about leverage.

They gave up the “do it all on their own” thing the instant they saw how Simple, Easy and FAST it was to generate a steady flow of new clients each month, –
(once you see the expert input (you’ll use it too).

The single biggest obstacle to you receiving a steady flow of new clients
is the wholly erroneous idea that you’re not worth investing in yourself or
that you HAVE to figure it out all by yourself.


You Don’t Have To Do It All Alone.

Build the Practice You Always Wanted to Have
Using Just these 4 Steps!

If you’re already receiving a few new clients per month and seeing some small results from your lead gen campaigns, trust me these 4 steps can help you Accelerate the number of new clients you receive each month – instead of intermittent, erratic, inconsistent numbers of new clients.

I’ve done the heavy lifting for you
and have it all neatly organized for you to successfully implement.

So let me reveal a much better, faster, smarter way
than the traditional system of lead generation!

As I mentioned before, there are only FOUR things you need to do to start enjoying a steady flow of your dream clients…Who come to YOU – instead of you having to go to them.

It’s a simple SYSTEM!


You don’t have to keep struggling to find new mid-to-high net worth clients.

I want to teach you this exact simple formula
so you can start attracting the right clients every month
on total auto-pilot.

Here’s what I taught all those people in Dallas…
4 Steps To Getting A Steady Flow Of New Clients & Building A Successful Business


#1: Ideal Clients
You should only be targeting the RIGHT audience of ideal, perfect clients for your financial services and solutions. When you STOP the shot-gun approach to marketing, you’ll find that your desired audience (over time) will get to know, like and trust you faster – and then hire you

#2: Compelling Message
Putting the RIGHT compelling message in front of your target audience so they are compelled to call you and schedule an appointment with you. This is all about having the right message to market match. If you want high net worth clients, all of your communication must be targeted to them and solve their biggest problems/worries/fears.

#3: Clearly Stating Why You’re the Best
Providing your target audience and prospective new clients with information that clearly describes how and why you are ‘the best” at what you do will help separate you from the dime-a-dozen group of Advisors in your city. This is just as important (if not more important) than every other step. If the public thinks you are just like everyone else, there is no logical reason to seek you for your expertise.

#4: Your Solution is the Best
Showing your ideal clients how you can SOLVE their problem in the most effective and proprietary way possible is a huge part of the “magnet” that gets your ideal clients to hunt you down and beg you to accept them as your new client.


If you do those four things, you’ll have 90% of the formula needed
to double or triple your income in 2016!

So, the next time you feel “overwhelmed,” take a step back and ask yourself if you’re focusing on the 4 core steps needed to succeed at the highest level.

Get those in place – and you’ll never have to worry about where your new clients are going to come from every month.

Wondering how to get those 4 steps in place? Well, I’m in a super generous mood and I’m gonna over-deliver like I always do. So guess what?

Let me make it super easy for you to learn HOW to implement the above 4 points with some super successful strategies too!

Clients pay me $2000 to help them come up with strategies,
but I’ll share these lead-generating steps with you for FREE!

They Built A Multi-Million Dollar Practice
Using these 4 Steps Successfully


Let me start by asking you a quick question:

You have 10 months left to make this the best year you’ve ever had, right?

If you do it right – you will achieve every goal you set for yourself …and then some!

However, if you keep doing what you are currently doing – you will likely keep getting the same results.

If you want to know my techniques and strategies that I use daily to ensure my Advisors generate a steady flow of new clients (high paying ones)…

CLICK HERE, fill out the form and schedule your free Business Growth Strategy Session –

And I will be happy to reveal my secrets and step-by-step strategies to you on the call.
Let me ask you a question:

Wouldn’t it be a multiple times more helpful to you if you could generate a steady flow of local, targeted, pre-qualified new clients every month knowing that 2X – 10X your impact, influence, business and income?

The only other question is how much longer do you want to continue doing what you’re doing now?

The Advisors I’ve coached have seen incredible results.

I helped my VIP client Larry Turell successfully generate $10M in new business in the first 6 months of working together….and 10’s of millions of dollars in additional business every year for the past 5 years.

Plus, I helped Jack Singleton generate 3 or more high net worth clients for 10 of the last 12 months using my simple easy-to-implement strategies.

And now, for the first time ever, I’m disclosing this PROVEN plan for you to put into action.

Hundreds of Financial Advisors, (new and seasoned) apply every week to learn about how they can hire me as their Marketing Strategist.

But not everyone who applies gets approved. But those who do get approved to be my client have used my strategies & techniques to generate a steady flow of new pre-qualified clients every month while working 25% – 50% LESS.

Now you too can learn my proven strategies & techniques to automate the growth of your practice and income.

If you want to know what strategy to implement first,
stop doing everything you’re doing and Register for your
Free One-on-One Business Growth Strategy Session right NOW.
Click Here

Working to get you consistent results,
-Dr. Len

P.S. – Do you want to earn an additional $20,000 -$40,000 per month in income?
If so, let’s talk so I can be certain that I can help you. Click Here to get started!



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