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Professional Marketing: Putting a Reactivation System in Place NOW!

Professional MarketingThis is the perfect time of year to send out holiday/New Years letters and/or e-mails to all of your missing-in-action patients/clients/customers.

And, there is a dual purpose to this effort.

Part 1: You want to wish them a Happy New Year/Happy Holidays as well as share all of the new and exciting
“things” (products, services, etc) that you are providing in your office that can help them (with something).

Note: You’ll want to explain the benefits (how you can help them) of each service/product in just a few sentences.
It’s important to focus on them.

Part 2:
Offer them access to an audio download, special report or e-book.
Offer them an opportunity to receive a free or discounted product or service. AND, with this offer, you’ll want to require them to call your office to request it and/or schedule an appointment to receive it.
This way, your receptionist has to connect with them (that will lead to conversation about why they haven’t been in to see you and/or why they stopped “using” you, and this offer brings them back into your office where you have the opportunity to initiate a “new” professional relationship where they start seeing you again.

IMPORTANT: I would have your receptionist call every missing-in-action patient/client/customer you send this letter to 3 days after you send it.

You’ll want them to call with the following purpose:
1. Did they receive the letter?

2. Would they like to schedule an appointment to come in to receive the free/discounted service?

3. Engage in conversation (and ask why they haven’t been in to see you) so the truth comes out about why they haven’t been in to see you.

Work on this and send it out at the end of the year!

All The Best,

Dr. Len Schwartz
Pres/CEO of
Pro2Pro Network

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