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Ad Creation 101: Creating the Best Ad

When you create an ad, you always want to avoid talking about yourself, and instead, focus more on your readers Ad Creation(your buying audience).

Your attention-grabbing headline should be a completely benefit-rich statement/offer from you – how they (the readers) can benefit from you. The rest of the ad is really nothing more than a list of features and benefits, how you meet your prospects’ needs AND why you are the right choice. Admittedly, I am over-simplifying it…but that’s the truth.

This ad “structure” creates a funnel where you draw the reader down into the ad copy to an eventual special offer or opportunity, a way they can take advantage of your products or services, and then a call to action – where they can either call you to make an appointment, capture some sort of free handout or downloadable e-book, etc.

Think about how you can satisfy (solve) your prospects’ needs, and don’t forget to put your unique features and benefits in bold letters. For example, if you’re a Japanese restaurant and you offer more varieties of sushi than any other Japanese restaurant in town, you need to put that in bold letters – at the top of the ad.

If you’re a dry cleaner that guarantees to have a customers clothes back to them within 30 minutes – and that is different than every other dry cleaner in town – that should be printed in big, bold letters.

Those are the basics of Ad Creation 101. Writing compelling copy is a skill and you may or may not have it. If you don’t, find someone who does and use this ad structure as a guideline to create your own killer ad.

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Dr. Len Schwartz
Dr. Len Schwartz

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