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Professional Marketing: In-Office Lectures


You know about them, you love them – but you don’t DO them.  One of the easiest and most effective ways to generate new business (on a regular basis) is to host lectures in your office.

I’m sure you have presentations on a shelf somewhere…or maybe on your desk RIGHT NOW that you can use to generate new patients/clients/customers.

You know I’m right!

So, take ACTION today.

1. Set a date 3-5 weeks from now to host your lecture. (Wednesday nights work really well)

2. Decide the topic.

3. Put a flyer and e-mail invitation together that advertises the 3 – 5 most compelling “things” they will learn from you.  (i.e. How they will benefit from your information – “What’s in it for them”)

4. Include RSVP instructions and a deadline (about 1 week before the lecture)

5. Have your assistant call each patient/client/customer you e-mail an invitation to…to make sure they received the invitation and if they have any interest in attending…AND, what guest they will be bringing with them – ASSUME this on the call. (This 1 step will help generate plenty of attendees and NEW business!)

6. Follow up and confirm all registrants 2 days before the lecture.

7. Teach the lecture and sign them up!

Any questions?
Did I leave out a step?

Let me know.

DO THIS – it works!

Dr. Len Schwartz
Pres/CEO of Pro2Pro Network

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