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How to Use Headlines & Titles (15 Compelling Headlines Inside)

Let’s talk about special titles, headlines and special event names.

I’m going to give you a handful of different phrases that you can use asSpecial Headlines and Titlesheadlines or titles for special reports, events, seminars, workshops, lectures, newsletters, special updates or research that you want to send to your patients/clients/customers. This will all make sense when you read the phrases below, but understand that these are incredibly compelling headlines that will compel people (more specifically your patients, clients or customers) to take action and want to learn more.

For example, you’re never going to go wrong with “Seven Deadly Mistakes for (blank),” and you fill in the blank. “Seven Deadly Mistakes for Treating Foot Fungus,” is a possibility for a podiatrist. If you’re a financial advisor, “Seven Deadly Mistakes for Managing your 401k.” Everybody is going to want to know what those mistakes are so they don’t lose money.

Again, these types of headlines can be used in lots of different ways. Whether the topic concerns finances, legal or healthcare matters, you will never go wrong the examples below. In fact, here is a list of some of my favorite headlines.

  • Cash in on _______________ Trends
  • Common Mistakes That Destroy ______________
  • Discover the 7 Essential Secrets That Guarantee ______________
  • Good News for people with ______________
  • How to Quickly Recover from ______________
  • How to Effectively Handle ______________
  • How to Make ______________ Work for You
  • How to Turn ______________ into ______________
  • Questions and Answers About ______________
  • The Amazing Solution for ______________
  • The Best and Worst Ideas for ______________
  • The Complete Guide to ______________
  • The Worst Mistakes You Can Make When ______________
  • Top 10 ______________ Do’s and Don’ts
  • Your Must-Know Guide to ______________

As I mentioned, for lectures, seminars or workshop titles, these headlines will generate interest and bring people to your event. Use the headlines for special reports or anything that you think is important to communicate to your patient, client or customer about how and why you provide a special product or service.

These headlines will also position you as an expert. Why? When you give someone (one of your existing/prospective patients, clients or customers), a special report about “The 10 Mistakes That You Can Make for (blank),” since you are the provider of that information, they will naturally think of you as the perceived expert. And, they’ll automatically assume that you won’t allow those mistakes to happen to them.

Again, it works whether you’re a doctor, financial professional or business owner. It doesn’t matter what kind of products or services you provide – these headlines will work!

To Your Success,

Dr. Len Schwartz
Dr. Len Schwartz

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