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The Powerful Newsletter

Powerful NewsletterDo you have a monthly patient, client, or customer newsletter in place? If you don’t have a monthly newsletter, direct mail letter, research or “news update” information piece going out to your database on at least a monthly basis, you’re missing out on an opportunity to maintain what is called “top of mind awareness” or “top of consciousness”.

Top of mind awareness or top of conscience is what Coca-Cola tries to do by advertising 375 times an hour. They want you to buy their product, so they put it in front of you throughout the day in every way (print, TV, radio, web, etc.)

You should send your patients, clients or customers a newsletter every month to let them know what’s new with your business, and/or all of the new and interesting products and services you have to offer them. It’s all about VALUE. You should send them information that helps them in some way. If you do this, you will continue to endear yourself and easily maintain top of consciousness. You’ll also stimulate positive word-of-mouth as well as referrals, because when they or someone they know needs someone who does what you do – they will instantly think of you.

This newsletter strategy also goes for patients or clients that are “missing in action” or no longer considered “active”, or customers that don’t need OR see you on a regular basis.

So, put a newsletter, research update and/or “News You Can Use” piece in place. Send it via e-mail at least once per month. This is an easy one. Don’t wait. Delegate this task to someone who can help you gather the information and then create a newsletter for you.

If you need a platform where you can store your database, create your newsletters and send them to your list, check out GetResponse.com.

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Dr. Len Schwartz
Dr. Len Schwartz

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