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Why Donating Your Time Can Lead To Big Business!

This initiative may sound counter-productive at first, but it can be extremely beneficial. The idea is for you to donate your time at someone else’s event, workshop, lecture, or seminar. How can this help you? Let me give you a couple of examples.

Let’s say you’re a financial advisor and you work with an accountant. That accountant is hosting some sort of seminar or lecture for their active, prospective, or new clients. You give that accountant an opportunity to offer to entice their attendees with a free service that you are going to provide…let’s call it a Wealth Creation Assessment. The Accountant loves it because he gets to offer a value-added-service to his attendees and as a result, you have a chance to provide all of the attendees with some sort of mini consultation. You have been granted direct access to your potential new clients.

You are practically guaranteed to get new business from that effort for two reasons:

1. You get to provide valuable information at that meeting.

2.There is a fantastic, implied endorsement from that accountant because you are at his or her event.

If you are a doctor/specialist, you can attend another doctor’s health day, health workshop, or lecture, and you too get to provide your services/information about yourself and your specialty to all of the attendees. Again, the implied endorsement is there, you get to give away lots of valuable information as well as your time, and you’re practically guaranteed to get new patients as a result of that effort.

Think about how to donate your time to work with other professionals in your community. Give them the opportunity to have you at their event, and of course, they can give you referrals to you as well!

Action Steps:

1. Donate your time to someone else’s event
2. Provide valuable information
3. Take advantage of the implied endorsement
4. Schedule new appointments

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