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Special Staff Strategy Meetings Can Generate $1 Million in New Business Per Year

What do staff meetings have to do with marketing?  Well, the truth is, staff meetings can directly/indirectly generate
millions of dollars in new patients, clients or customers!

Here’s my recommendation – if you truly want (and understand the VALUE of) administrative and/or marketing systems, processes and procedures to help you automate the growth of your business/practice, you need to have weekly meetings with your staff.

Your meetings should cover all areas of your business, and not just marketing. In fact, I highly recommend you discuss: billing, collections, marketing, administrative needs, reactivation campaigns, patient or customer retention ideas, and anything else that you can think of to help automate the growth of your practice.

Just in case you’re still asking, “Why do you I need to meet with my staff?”

Here’s the answer:
You need to meet with your staff because you CANNOT do it all yourself. You need your staff to support you with whatever marketing initiatives you want to put in place in order to make it happen. If I leave it up you, you know it’s never going to happen because you’re too busy spinning 12 different plates at one time, and that’s no way to build a business.

So, my advice may seem a little askew from my traditional marketing advice, but the staff meetings you have every single week (same day, same time – and shut the computers and all of the phones off), will enable you to mastermind and brainstorm about what systems you want to facilitate, implement or incorporate, so that you CONSISTENTLY generate new business and referrals. Not having a plan, is of course, a plan to fail!

To Your Success,

Dr. Len Schwartz
Dr. Len Schwartz

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