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New Client/Patient System

I recently talked about the importance of having your staff (front desk person or office manager) know how to address many of the typical questions that a prospective new patient/client might ask.

This is crucial, as dozens of new patients/clients are lost each year
simply because this “system” is not in place.

Here’s another system you’ll want to have in place:
Do you have a COMPLETE new patient/client “intake” process or system for your office manager to follow?

Does your step-by-step process enable the new patient/client to understand your VALUE and/or make them feel comfortable and confident?

What else do you want your new patients/clients to know BEFORE they meet you for the first time?
Create and implement a SYSTEM that helps you achieve your desired results and watch how much more impactful your initial consultation is.
This will also help you dramatically increase the number of qualified referrals as well.

Dr. Len

P.S. So many business owners struggle with marketing and business-building.
Where to start?
What to do first?
What ideas to implement to generate new business?

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To Your Success,

Dr. Len Schwartz
Dr. Len Schwartz

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