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Dr. Len Schwartz – Talk?


We receive an average of 10 – 20 requests per month from every mid-to-large sized city across the U.S. and Canada…

…That looking to talk to a successful, qualified Advisor about a few things:

1. Pre-retirement planning

2. Retirement Planning

3. Their 401k and 401k rollovers

4. Asset Management

5. Life Insurance

Question – If we sent you their contact information AND provided you with a proven Lead Follow-Up Process that communicated your EXPERT positioning so much so that it compelled 70% of the prospects to ask YOU to schedule a time to talk to them…

And, If my staff pre-screened and confirmed some of these people for you, and just put people into your calendar every week for you to call want to have a 1st “high-level” conversation with you…

Do you have time to talk to and/or meet with 3 – 5 prospects per week?

If “YES”, do you think we should talk more about this?

If “YES”, click here -> http://bit.ly/Qualifiedfor10


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