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Dr. Len Schwartz – Are You Sitting On The Toilet Right Now?

In life, there are some things that we know are true – BUT choose not to talk about.

One of them I recently read about…

This article says 90% of people use their phones while in the bathroom.

You may be reading this in the bathroom right now!!

So…why do I bring this up? It’s all about Targeted Marketing!

If I was in the business of selling bathroom “stuff”, I could create an entire campaign KNOWING that 90% of my readers will be in the bathroom reading my offer!

If YOU want to build your  and eliminate the constant struggle of NOT talking to enough qualified prospects – you must think like a Targeted Marketer!

Ask yourself…:

Where is my best SOURCE of leads and clients?

What is my unique message that will get my ideal prospects to respond?

Will my Lead Follow-Up efforts convert strangers to a 1stcall 70% of the time?

Does my Lead Conversion efforts get my prospect to tell me they want to get started?

When you know where your prospects are that are looking for your help right NOW…

And, you communicate why you are uniquely qualified to help them…You create a constant flow of qualified people to talk to every week – and it’s easy, and without any struggle.

Unique opportunity:

I have spent months setting up a one-of-a-kind system that provides me with the ability to send local, targeted leads (prospects) to Advisors every week.

These prospects are looking for specific financial services in real time.

1. These are unique (10 – 20 every month)

2. I do not have them fill out a capture form on any page that then goes out to 75 FAs.

3. And, they are looking for a specific service (i.e. Life ins, 401k, financial planning, asset management, etc)

If your system is generating all of the leads and clients you want – that’s awesome – keep doing that!

But, if you would prefer to just talk to local prospects every week that are actively looking for your services,

Click Here 

Don’t flush it away ;)

P.S. The “machine” that makes this all come together is the Lead Follow-Up System I provide to my Advisors. 

My clients are getting 70% of these prospects to request a time to talk about how they can help them.

Just got this in last night:

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