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Financial Advisor Marketing – Private Invitation

Hey, it’s Dr. Len…

I can’t promise I’ll make you 4M from 4 new clients

in less than 3 months, like I did for Robert P.

Or, 19M in less than 1 month like I did for John M….

Or, help you generate 7 local, targeted prospects every week

like I did for Rich S. …

But I figure, if we only got 20% or even 30% of that,

you’d be pretty darn happy. 🙂

This is a private invitation to be a part of my

Market Domination Mentor Program.

Who is this for?

* Action takers who go after what they want, and never make excuses

* Successful Advisors who would rather implement New Client Generation Systems

that generate 2 – 4 new clients every month…instead of chasing prospects every week.

* Advisors in growth-mode who want to stop wondering

where their next new client is going to come from…

and just want to follow a proven 7-Figure plan to generate the results they want.

This service requires an investment.

It’s not cheap.

So, before we get ahead of ourselves…

  1. Are you coachable?
  2. Do you have the bandwidth to onboard 2 – 4 new clients every month?
  3. Are you able to meet with prospects and onboard new clients right now?

If YES to all 3 – Click Here

and tell me about you…

I’ll send you some details, and if it makes sense

we can hop on the phone to discuss.

– Dr. Len

P.S This MDMP is for not for everyone. If you’re happy and satisfied with your business and income…

Or, just looking to “dip your toe” – this is not for you.

*This is only for Advisors that want to have multiple SYSTEMS in place

that generate new clients every month, from Jan – Dec.





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