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1 or 2? (how to create urgency)

Hey, it’s Dr. Len…

So Many Advisors Are So Focused On Sales –
And Its Killing Their Business!

In my experience (over the last 20+ years)…

I have found that many (not all) Advisors
that work with mid/HNW and UHNW clients
are missing a key piece of the process
for consistently attracting and quickly converting prospects into new clients…

What is the Key Piece they’re missing?

Here it is…

It’s understanding how to QUICKLY get your prospects
to the raw emotional “WOW“ Moment!

Where your prospect says, “Yes! This is EXACTLY what I need!”

The absence of this OMG WoW moment (and the enlightenment that follows)
is what keeps your prospects on the fence for months…
or sometimes years.

You see…

When you master the process
of communicating your value AND the value of your services…

… and you get a prospect to understand why YOU
are the only qualified Advisor that can help them get what they want…

…and, what it is costing him/her by not working with you…

You will never chase another client again.


Here’s your choice point right now:
#1. Keep doing what you’re doing because you have systems in place
that are generating all of the new clients you want every month
(and you already know how to get your prospects to chase you)

#2. Learn how to become a master at creating urgency and emotional desire
so that your prospects chase you until you accept them as your new client.

If #2 resonates with you…
send an email to drlen@marketdominationsolutions.com “#2” …

…and I’ll send you a few questions
and some details to let you know how this works.

– Dr. Len
P.S. Once you know how to do this, you can put the 1st systems in place
and expect to get calls from prospects within 24 hours. (yes, I’m serious)



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