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Wanted – Advisors who do pre-retirement planning and wealth management

Hey, it’s Dr. Len…

If you’re a Financial Advisor or Wealth Manager
who wants to fill another 5 – 10 spots per month in your appointment book
without cold calls, direct mail, paid advertising or seminars…

I’m looking for FAs who can start talking to prospects as soon as next week.

Since these prospects will be reaching out to you directly
to learn more about how YOU can help them…

You will offer your financial services
to help them achieve their financial goals.

And, with my 3-step expert positioning, lead follow and conversion process,
you’ll be able to communicate your VALUE at such a high-level
that your prospects will understand WHY they cannot find another FA
that can help them the way you can.

I’ve got the entire process for how to generate high-quality leads
every week for Advisors down to an exact step-by-step science.

We send 3, 5, sometimes as many as 10 per week
and our Advisors routinely bring in high 5 figures to 6 figures.

What you’ll love the most?
95% of it is all done-for-you.

Want to see how this works?

Watch it here -> http://bit.ly/7figliweb6

My clients have acquired millions in new business using this system
without spending 1 penny on paid advertising.

I’ve got this DIALED IN!

If you’re open to acquiring an extra 10+ qualified leads every month,
See how it works here -> http://bit.ly/7figliweb6

Rooting For You,
– Dr. Len

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