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The $1M lesson Tony Robbins taught me (and how you can apply it)

Hey, it’s Dr. Len…

Back in 2006 I partnered with Tony Robbins.

Tony wanted to market one of my services to a segment of his list…
and it was an exciting time for me.

My ASSumption was that Tony
was going to introduce me to the people (1 at a time)
he thought would be a good fit for my service.

When I asked him if that was his plan – he LAUGHED so hard…
…and then asked me if I was CRAZY!

He said, “Why would you want to talk to 1 person at a time
when I can give you access to my entire group?

I was a little embarrassed for thinking so SMALL!

That little lesson made me realize
that I was LOSING at least $1M per YEAR!!

I realized my marketing strategy (at that time)
…going after 1 client at a time –
was COSTING me A LOT of business.


I’ve got a QUESTION for YOU…

How do you build your business?

Do you talk to 1 prospect at a time?

OR, are you talking to 3 – 5 prospects every week?

BIGGER question…

If you knew you COULD talk to an additional 3 – 5 of your ideal prospects every week, by just tweaking your efforts – working smarter – would you do it?

Stupid question, right?

Of course you would!


The great news is – YOU have the power to “flip a switch”
and change the entire course and direction of your business.

If you want your ideal prospects
to reach out to you directly…

You need to know how to target them
with a compelling message/offer
that you know they will respond to…

So they reach out to you directly
to learn more about how you can help them
get the results they want.

Here’s how…

On Linkedin for example…:

1. Use the Search feature to hand-pick
your ideal prospects (1st connections) in your area.

2. Send them a high-level message that addresses
their main concern, interest or desired results and include
a call-to-action so they know EXACTLY what to do next
in order to learn more about how YOU can help them.

3. Never ever make your message Salesy – that is a deal killer.

4. Make sure you have a lead follow-up system (messages, etc) in place that gets at least 60% of your leads to ask you if you would be willing to schedule a phone call to talk more about your services and solutions.

5. Pick the ones you want to work with, schedule phone calls,
then face-to-face meetings and close new clients.


This will NOT work for you if you don’t have the time
to handle 3 – 5 conversations per week.

You also need to be extremely confident in yourself
and the services you provide.

You’ll be able to wake up every day…check your inbox…
and simply RESPOND to the prospects that have reached out to you.


NO more chasing leads.
NO more worrying about where your next new client is going to come from.
NO more anxiety EVERY week about HOW you are going to generate quality leads.
NO more stress about how to automate your income and business growth.
NO more wasted money on ineffective marketing efforts
NO more YO-YO up and down months
NO more expensive direct mail campaigns, dinner seminars or advertising
NO more wondering how to get positioned as the Go-To Expert in your city.
NO more trying to figure out what you should do to generate QUALITY leads every week.


You can always keep doing what you’re doing.
You can resist change if you want to…

But, if you are someone who realizes that
if you keep doing what you’re doing,
you’ll keep getting what you’re getting…

And, you want to dramatically increase your income in the 6 – 12 months…

Start getting your message/offer in front of your local, targeted, qualified prospects every week and watch what happens!
– Dr. Len

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