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Financial Advisor Marketing: E-Book Strategy That Builds Your Name, Brand, Fame and Business

Here is marketing for Financial Advisors that admittedly is not new for the internet sales and marketing world, but you might actually consider it to be new for Financial Advisors marketing their practice. The marketing idea is to offer a downloadable e-book or special report.

Most financial planner marketing would love to “set the buying criteria” in their marketplace. In other words – convince the people who live and work in their city that they are the best at what they do AND that they cannot findFinancial Advisor Marketing

another competitor that does what they (you) do.

One of the most effective marketing for Financial Advisors is to give people who visit your website (i.e. new, existing or prospective patients, clients or customers) an opportunity to download an e-book or report that you’ve written.

If you’re a Financial Advisor, you may write a report called “The Top Ten Ways to Secure And Protect Your Retirement.” People are afraid to lose money, so you can tell them how to avoid losing money.

Put this together in a 5-15 page downloadable special report or e-book. By giving the people who find your website a chance to download your e-book, you’ll provide your readers with an opportunity to learn why they should chose you to be their Financial Advisor. Plus, you will help position yourself as an expert while giving your prospects a chance to get to know, like and trust you.
This is very smart…and an effective way to capture thousands of new names and e-mail addresses to add to your database.

Dr. Len Schwartz
Pres/CEO of Pro2Pro Network

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