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Do THIS to Generate Referrals from Your Existing Clients All Year Long!

Double Your PracticeSome of you know that I go to private offices or financial groups/agencies, etc for 1-2 days to overhaul and/or streamline their SYSTEMS, procedures, processes, marketing, etc…
so they can eliminate their “resistance” and enjoy quantum leap growth (i.e. double or triple their practice in 6 – 12 months) in the fastest time possible.

I just returned from a full 1-day visit with a group of professionals and wanted to share something with you that you can implement right now…

I see this EVERY time I visit with Advisors, Doctors, Attorneys, etc. and almost all of you are failing to DO THIS!

What is it?
Answer: Implement at least 3 client/patient referral systems (It each 5) so that your existing clients/patients can easily refer to you all year long.

Here’s one strategy I just taught them:

Every client/patient comes to you for a reason.
In other words, they have a problem you need to solve.

Once you have successfully “solved” their problem – and they are happy with you, you have an opportunity to stimulate multiple referrals – WITHOUT asking for one.

You should say the following: “Joe, you originally came in to see me for pre-retirement planning.
You’ve mentioned how happy you are with the services I’ve provided…so I was curious…
Do you have other friends, family members, co-workers or neighbors that have a similar need but don’t know where to go or who to trust?”

You will never feel uncomfortable because you didn’t ask for a referral.
Your clients/patients will willingly embrace the opportunity to refer to you, Your clients/patients will always speak highly of you. You are literally empowering (and programming) your clients/patients with the ability to refer. You should expect to average 2 referrals per client/patient with this ONE question.

This is just one strategy you can use to stimulate referrals all year long.

To Your Success,

Dr. Len Schwartz
Dr. Len Schwartz

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