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Dr. Len Schwartz- A Mind Hack For Success

Dr. Len Schwartz- A Mind Hack For Success

Hey, this is Dr. Len Schwartz. 

Did you know that, for the majority of business owners, the first thing on their minds when they open their eyes in the morning is what they are concerned, afraid, or apprehensive about?

 Today, starting tonight, I want to give you a mental trick that will drastically alter that. 

I want you to ask yourself this question as soon as you wake up tomorrow morning: “I wonder what great things are going to happen to me today?”

Suddenly, without warning, you will begin to deliberately recognize every single wonderful item that comes your way on a regular basis. 

It’s the opposite side of the fence, far from the anxiousness masking dread. None of those stuff is what you want. You’re after all those wonderful things. You wish to accomplish, obtain, or go through them.

Begin each day in this manner. Instruct your kids to watch what occurs to their lives and wake up saying this to themselves.

– Dr. Len















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