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Dr. Len Schwartz- The Piggyback Strategy

Dr. Len Schwartz- The Piggyback Strategy

This is for you if you’re trying to increase awareness, interaction, and engagement in your market.

I refer to it as the piggyback approach.

In the end, you’re going to take something away from the news—something significant.

You’re going to make a social media post about it.

You can inquire about others’ ideas on the matter or, if you’re feeling very brave, you can actually express your own thoughts, feelings, and opinions regarding that particular piece of news.


You’ll probably start a division, but that’s alright since what you truly want is to draw in the patients, clients, or customers that you desire.

Let everyone else sort themselves out.

Be warned: If you do choose a side, expect some intensely heated discussion on the social networking or media sites where you post these piggyback articles.

This is a fantastic approach to gain recognition for your identity and brand among your ideal patients, clients, and consumers.

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