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Dr Len Schwartz- The GTO Marketing Effort

Dr. Len Schwartz- The GTO Marketing Effort

Hey, this is Dr. Len Schwartz.

I’d like to discuss the Group Text Offer (GTO) marketing campaign. 

You’re wasting a lot of money if you don’t have permission from your active patients, clients, or customers to text them, whether it’s to confirm an appointment or let them know about a special promotion, etc.

Instant gratification is something that everyone craves. Let’s pretend you have three open appointments in your office today, and you send out a text to 500 individuals. The first three people who answer get the appointment.

If you have a limited-time offer or a special deal, you can limit it to the first five, ten, or fifteen persons who react.

You have the ability to fill a room. You have the option to sell out. With a group text offer, you can rapidly fill your schedule.

Begin doing so today. It’s a fantastic marketing strategy that costs next to nothing to deploy.















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