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Dr. Len Schwartz- The Power of Branding

Dr. Len Schwartz- The Power of Branding

Hello, my name is Dr. Len, and today I’d want to discuss the importance of branding.

Do you have a distinctive logo?

Do you have a tagline, slogan, or USP that tells your target market what they can expect to experience, achieve, and/or receive if they deal with you?

“Better ingredients, better pizza, Papa John’s,” says Papa John’s.

They were attempting to persuade you that their pizza was superior.

FedEx is a well-known company, right?

“When it absolutely, positively must arrive the next day.”

Start thinking about your branding now, because your colleagues and competitors aren’t – yet it’s something the top 1% of people in every profession, sector, and business do because they want the public to know why they’re the greatest.

This has been your Cut The Yo-Yo Marketing Minute, and now you can finally put an end to your business’s ups and downs.

















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