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Dr. Len Schwartz – You’re Invited

You’re Invited – Today at 1:00 PM ET

I believe the more you focus your attention and efforts on what you are great at…

…the faster you generate the results you want.

I LOVE teaching my clients how to get their prospects to “close” them.

I’m curious…

Would you like some help learning how to “reverse the chase”
and/or to get your prospects to close you?

*If you have a prospect “on the fence”
*If you have a prospect that you’ve been chasing and is close
*If you have a prospect that keeps asking you to call them back
*If you have a prospect that won’t (can’t) make a decision
*If you have a prospect that is calling your colleagues trying to compare
*If you have a prospect that doesn’t know why you are better/different

I would guess that I’ve helped my clients close about 1B so far in new business – all without any selling, forcing, chasing or convincing required.

If you’d like to jump on a live call today with some of your colleagues and get some insight for how to accelerate the lead-to-new client process with some of your prospects right now…

I’m pretty sure I can help you close a few extra deals this month.

Want to be on the call?
Secure your spot here

-Dr. Len
P.S. You’ll be on with other clients too.

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