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Dr. Len Schwartz – Can I help you?

Can I Help You?

While most consider the week before Labor Day to be a waste…

I had two clients that brought in over 1.2M…

And, Zac – see picture – had a meeting with a GREAT prospect.

Plus, dozens of my other clients met with prospects too.


I don’t know how gung ho you are on finishing the year strong…
Or, how much money you’d like to earn before the end of 2020…

Or, if you already have systems in place that are generating all of the
prospects and new clients you can handle every month?

But, if you have time to talk to and/or meet with prospects and new clients every week…

And, you’re open to putting smarter (not harder) systems in place
that bring those prospects to you (you don’t have to leave your house of office)

It probably makes sense for us to talk.

If you’d like me to send you the details for how this works,
Comment “20k-40k” below.

– Dr. Len
P.S. No chasing, cold calling or paid advertising required.


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