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Dr. Len Schwartz – “Success Leaves Clues”

This quote from Tony Robbin’s has made me a lot of money:

“Success leaves clues.”

One of the most important lessons I learned about following/using a successful system is  – never ever skip a step in the process –

EXAMPLE: I have a Lead Follow-up and Conversion System. It gives my clients the power to “reverse the chase”, create strong emotional desire and urgency and accelerate the lead-to-new client process – all without any selling.

It has been knocked off numerous times, in numerous ways… BUT, not one (that I know about) knocked off the MOST POWERFUL part.

The 5P process (Positioning, Process, Plan, Philosophy, Personality)

Now, most people are fairly good at finding out what a prospect wants… This just gets the “brain” involved, which is good.

But – Where you can OUT-EARN your competitors 10:1, Is by getting a prospect’s brain involved AND their heart (emotions) COMMITTED.

Getting your prospects interested in your services will make you some money. Getting your prospects to feel urgency, emotional desire and DEMAND for your services will make you a fortune.

To your willingness to Cut The Yo-Yo,

– Dr. Len

P.S. I’m curious, I’ve got a training where I show and map out the Lead Follow-up and Conversion Process.

Would you want to see it? Reply and let me know.

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