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Sales Training – How to get prospects to close you

Hey, it’s Dr. Len…

Want to know the SYSTEM my Advisors are using
that gives them the freedom to only talk to and meet with interested,
qualified prospects?

And, you can use this system to accelerate
the lead-to-new client process (i.e. 30 days)
and requires NO selling, or creating plans for insincere prospects
or following up and chasing leads?

In fact, when you use this system,
your prospects will chase you.

If you’re talking to at least 3 – 10 prospects every month
and want to get closer to 90% close rate while ending
soul-sucking follow-ups…

I’ll show you how in this training. (hyperlink the whole sentence- http://bit.ly/LSConvTraining )

The biggest problem Advisors face
is they end up living on the phone doing sales follow-up calls
AND getting “I’m just not ready yet” or “I’m still thinking about it”…

The GOOD NEWS is there’s a simple system
we call the “Lead Follow-up and Conversion Process”
that eliminates getting ghosted, filters out insincere prospects,
ends endless follow-up calls – all WITHOUT being a salesy/pushy jerk…

…so you can stop selling all the time and focus on helping your clients.

I have a no-cost video training
that will show you exactly how to use the “LSC Process”
that my clients and I are using right now.

Click Here

– Dr. Len
P.S. Just got this in from my client Tom:
“In the first outgoing effort of communication with my clients, Dr Len’s coaching in crafting the message helped to move a client out of procrastination and into moving an additional $350k over to my management.”

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