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(Webinar) The 7-figure LinkedIn Lead Generation Formula

This is for Advisors that want to talk to more qualified prospects every week?

If you can realistically handle 3 – 5 phone calls
and/or face-to-face meetings with your ideal prospects every week…
this is for you.

Hey, it’s Dr. Len…

Want to learn the 3 systems highly successful financial advisors are using on LinkedIn
to generate 10+ QUALIFIED leads (1 – 3 new clients) per MONTH!

If you want to connect with Mid/HNW prospects (your ideal clients) every week
that reach out to you directly
to learn more about how you can help them…

So you don’t have to:

– chase clients
– make cold calls
– spend money or seminars, direct mail or lead lists
– sit at your desk every week waiting for the phone to ring…

In this Webinar,
you’ll learn how to use the 3-step SYSTEM that
Advisors are using to generate 10 (or more) qualified leads every month.

Who is this training for?

  • Financial advisors that have moderate success but want more.
  • Financial advisors that invest in themselves and their business.
  • Advisors ready to STOP chasing leads, instead having their ideal clients reach out to them directly with interest in learning more about how they can help them.
  • Financial advisors who are ready and willing to learn how to “tap into” an endless SOURCE of mid to high net-worth wealthy clients on LinkedIn.
  • Advisors ready to see how to network efficiently and proactively.
  • Advisors wanting to STOP cold calls and reduce stopgaps by gatekeepers.
  • Advisors looking to generate leads by putting in 15-30 minutes per day from their laptop – whether it’s from their home, office or even vacation.
  • Advisors who are tired of working too many hours and not earning the income they feel they deserve.
  • Advisors that want to charge more, work LESS, and be home by dinner every night.

If that sounds like YOU, Register Here 

Let’s be honest….

95% of your colleagues and competition
are using outdated marketing strategies
that never generate 3 – 5 qualified leads per week.

If you’re serious about growing your practice and income (i.e. 2X – 5X growth),

Register Here.

– Dr. Len

P.S. Just so you know, this has nothing to do with posting articles, updates,

and/or paid advertising on LinkedIn and is 100% compliance approved

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