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Commitment is EVERYTHING!

(Read until the end to learn how to use my most impactful Guiding Principle to achieve your goals)

As we approach the end of another year, and start to think about making our BIG plans for 2016, it is important to remember that the FOUNDATION for your actions and ALL achievement(s) IS your level of commitment.

I saw this quote the other day from Warren Buffet.  He said, “Writing a check separates a COMMITMENT

A LOT of people like to TALK about “fixing” their problems in business… and all that they want to achieve and EARN…but very few take the necessary ACTION and invest time, energy and money in themselves and their business to achieve their goals.

And, that’s due to a LACK of commitment.

If you look at your health, relationships, business, income, savings, etc., and you’re NOT happy with any (or all) of them…you MUST ask yourself whether you are doing everything in your power to achieve and receive your desired goals.

Most people willingly admit that their level of commitment is not where it should be and it’s keeping them from the business, life, lifestyle and income they desire.

They are quite literally holding themselves back!  (More about how to quickly FIX this in a moment!)

Most people also admit that FEAR (skepticism, uncertainty, self-doubt, etc.) has held them back from taking the action required to achieve their goals.

I can totally relate to this. I’ve been there. I remember the feeling.

But, I re-trained my brain to FOCUS on what my investment (time, energy, money) will produce for me, rather than allowing the myopic, “LACK” thinking of “What will I have to pay?” to hold me back from achieving my goals.

Instead, I now ask myself, “What is it going to cost me (time, freedom, business, money) if I don’t invest in myself/my business and do whatever it takes?”

That shift in mindset has made me millions…and it all STARTS with a commitment to do whatever it takes!

So, whenever you have a goal to achieve anything, ask yourself
this simple question, “How committed am I to achieving this goal?”

If you say/think, “100%”…evaluate your ACTIONS and see if they are consistent with someone who is willing to do “WHATEVER IT TAKES!”

And, if you think you are doing whatever it takes and you’re still “spinning your wheels” and not getting where you want to be, then you’re doing the wrong things.

And, as the saying goes, “If you keep on doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.

Finally, I teach my clients what are called, “Guiding Principles.”

The first one I start with is this:  “If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If it’s not, you’ll find an excuse.”

From this moment forward, you can use that as a “filter” to evaluate your ACTIONS.

In other words, that Guiding Principle will NEVER fail you.  It will tell you with 100% certainty, 100% of the time –
why you were successful OR UNsuccessful  in achieving or receiving your desired results in life and business.

Have a great week!

Dr. Len

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