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Using Makeovers to Generate More New Business For You!

This Financial Advisor Marketing strategy is all about using makeovers to generate more new business for you.

I’m sure you have seen all of the different types of makeover shows on television.
There are specific times of the year when you should pitch the makeover story to your local media : the month of January (just after New Year’s Eve), spring time, just before summer, at the beginning of fall, and of course, the holiday time. If you can do a financial makeover of some kind, you’re are guaranteed to have success!

Figure out a way to bring one of your (willing) Financial Advisor clients on the air with you, and show them what you can do (or what you can accomplish) in 10 minutes or less. The television producers as well as the viewing audience are already used to these makeover segments and they know that everyone loves to see the before and after results.

If you can do something where you show your local viewing audience how great you are at helping someone in 10 minutes or less, people will watch.
For example, why don’t you offer a financial makeover where you create some sort of wealth creation or debt reduction analysis for them in 10 minutes or less . You will be perceived as an expert because the TV station as you on as their special guest…you give the viewing audience real value…and you will create a huge wave of interest in you and your services.
Make the call! You can’t get on television unless you make the pitch!

Dr.Len Schwartz
Pres/CEO of Pro2Pro Network

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