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Increase Sales Through Free Advertising

This professional marketing & doctor marketing idea is going to help you get free advertising. First you need to target some of the local smaller, privately owned publications, newspapers and magazines. When you connect with the owners or decision makers for those publications, you’re going to offer them the following opportunity. Let them know you’d like to become a full paid advertiser in that magazine (for example), but you are not sure how their magazine will work, in other words, what it will produce. Make them an offer to do a revenue share on your first three ads (in lieu of payment). You make an arrangement- whatever money that comes in as a result of that ad, you can split accordingly. If he or she balks at that initial offer, then you can offer to pay the hard cost for the ad along with a revenue share. This price could be hundreds of dollars versus the thousands of dollars you would normally pay in full for that specific ad. See what he or she says. See if you can work out a deal. The owner of the magazine certainly has the chance to bring you on board as a full paying advertiser if their magazine works for you.

There really is a good chance at a win-win situation here. The worst thing that you can hear is, “No, I’m not interested”. Then you can move on to the next privately owned newspaper, magazine, or publication.

Action Steps:

1. Contact small, local, privately owned newspapers and magazines.

2. Express interest in being a full paid advertiser.

3. Make an offer to do a revenue share on first 3 ads.

4. Pay the hard cost of the ad as a second offer.

Dr. Len Schwartz
Pres/CEO of Pro2Pro Network

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