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Consider Case Studies…Not Just Testimonials

I know that many of you reading this have compliance or even legal restrictions that prevent you from using testimonials.

So, before I begin, here is the obligatory disclaimer – IT’S UP TO YOU TO STAY LEGAL!Ok, now that that’s out of the way…let’s get into it…Most professionals understand the power that patient/client testimonials
can have in their marketing efforts (both internal and external).Testimonials provide you with “social proof”, credibility, fantastic word-of-mouth…and give the reader/listener a chance to believe in you before they meet you.

Today I am going to suggest that you start collecting Case Study Testimonials.

Instead of just having your patient/client write about how they are since becoming your patient/client…start having them write about what their problem or life experience was like BEFORE they decided to come see you.

Did they try someone else first?
Did they try other solutions first?
Did they try other methods to correct the problem first?
What can they do and/or what do they have, etc since hiring you.This is the classic before-and-after story that serves as a Case Study Testimonial!!

This information will resonate nicely with prospective new patients/clients
as it is likely that they have experienced the same symptoms, problems, issues, etc.

Once you figure out a legal way to use these case study testimonials,
use them in as many marketing efforts as possible.


To Your Success,

Dr. Len Schwartz
Dr. Len Schwartz

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