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BYOB – Building Your Own Business

When you think about building your practice, it is likely that you only focus
on new patients/clients. The question that I have for you is: How many initiatives do you have in place to help
you generate new patients/clients? One? Two? Eight?

And, how many new patients/clients do you want to generate each week/month?
Your answer will determine how many hours you should spend each week working on new patient/client initiatives.

Let me give you a few To-Do’s on your list of practice-building ideas:

1. Get to the top of Google with organic search listings (for turn-key, everything done for you social networking, go to http://www.AutomatedSocialNetworking.com)

2. Drive 100’s of prospective clients through Facebook. (see link above for this too)

3. Host special events, workshops, lectures and/or seminars at your office at least once per month.

4. Use a Press Release to advertise free services for Veterans for Veterans Day on 11/11/11 (want a press release template – send me an e-mail at drlens@pro2pronetwork.com) – This will generate huge exposure for you and stimulate fantastic (viral) word-of-mouth.

5. Put a turn-key, staff-driven Reactivation SYSTEM in place to bring back missing-in-action patients/clients to your office. (for help with this, send me an e-mail at drlens@pro2pronetwork.com)

6. Go and meet other referral sources (professionals who can readily refer to you) in your city who are already looking to meet/refer to you. (for help with this, http://www.Pro2ProNetwork.com)

7. Send out weekly video e-mails to your database and provide them with valuable information ALONG WITH a call-to-action so they connect/reconnect with you. (if you don’t so this, you are likely losing over $100k per year in business)

8. Use surveys to ask your database questions about your products, services, referrals and more. (you can send online surveys through GetResponse)

9. When you send direct mail – use dimensional mail (odd shaped boxes or envelopes) in order to ensure that your piece gets opened 100% of the time.

10. Have initiatives in place to educate your patients/staff/clients/referral relationships about how/why you are better/different than all of your competition so that they can effectively tell (refer) other people about why you are the best. (this will lead to dozens of referrals per year)

Ok…go to work!

To Your Success,

Dr. Len Schwartz
Dr. Len Schwartz

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