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How To Use Literature and Handouts To Generate New Busines

Today, I want to talk about the importance of having the right copy, the right information, brochures, literature, special reports or handouts. You don’t want to leave “word-of-mouth” advertising to chance.

One of the best ways to guide the entire process is by making sure that whatever you hand out to a new, existing or prospective client, communicates the information about you, your practice, your business, your product, and your services, in exactly the same way every time – no matter how many different brochures or pieces of literature you hand out.

So, make sure the copy you have on all of the literature you handout positions you, your product, your services, and/or your business properly so that the reader perceives you to be better/different than everybody else.

So many professionals put general information on their brochures/literature… and that makes it impossible to differentiate YOU from all of your competitors. That’s why most people think most doctors, professionals, and businesses are the same. How are people supposed to know you are better than everyone else UNLESS you explain those differences to them?

Action Steps:

1. Make sure you information is consistent

2. Differentiate yourself from others in your field

3. Don’t generalize

Yours for Massive Business Growth,

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