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Dr Len Schwartz – Reviews

Here’s what other people say about Dr Len Schwartz – clients reviews.

Tony Robbins

– The reason I partnered with Rr. Len is because he is the best at what he does

Chet Holmes

-I’ve never worked with another doctor that has the marketing, copywriting and advertising skills as Dr Len Schwartz

David Gillan

-Working with Dr. Len and his team has been a fabulous experience. Every step of the process is discussed and you are always involved in making this approach your own personal success story. When I started, my LinkedIn profile had under 100 connections. In the first 4 months, I was over 500! I have been able to meet potential prospects and other referral sources with my increased traction. Based on my increased profile, many connections are asking me to join their networks. Dr. Len takes the time to have individual calls with you to finesse the methodology and continually increase your opportunity for success. You will not find anyone more genuine than Dr. Len who helps all of his clients to succeed. Everything is done for you by the team, to the point of providing prospective clients that are ready to talk to you. These are people that you may never have reached out to on your own and it requires very little effort by you. Many thanks to Dr. Len and his team for my past and future successes!

Dr Lynne Sullivan

-Dr Len Schwartz is a marketing genius. Using his products and services, I went from 200 to 400 patient visits per week. I was even able to sell my practice for a good price. He is always there to help and support me. He delivers what he promises. I would highly recommend his services if you are serious about growing your business.

Vlad Portnoy  

-Dr. Schwartz is personable and warm, and he always take extra time to ensure his clients are satisfied. He is an utmost professional and a master of his craft. My firm has been a client of Dr. Schwartz for several years now, and his services contributed greatly to our bottom line. IN addition, whenever there was a question, it was answered promptly and fully. I cannot recommend Dr. Schwartz’s services enough.

Jonathan Peters

-MDS is quality, period. Len Schwartz takes the time to work with you personally, evenings, weekends to get what you deserve and want. How many Business owners give out their cell number? The bottom line, he wants to produce for you because he knows it’s his reputation and what do you have if you don’t have a good reputation? If you’re looking for success, look no further!


Dr Phil Barone

-I have had the pleasure of working with Dr Len for the past 7 years. I was referred to Dr. Len Schwartz by a close friend & colleague who used his services. From my initial contact with Dr Len, I was impressed with his professional manner and down to earth approach. I was in need of help with my practice and required immediate assistance. His programs were affordable with an excellent ROI (return of investment) and he assured me that it wouldn’t take long to see results; he was correct. I received prompt personal attention. I would definitely employ Dr Len Schwartz again and have referred many colleagues to him

Lauren Gidley

-I worked with Dr Len Schwartz for three years, going on four.  I have been extremely pleased with the quality of the CPA and attorney appointments that Dr. Len Schwartz’s team have set up for me.  They do a great job of screening the professionals to ensure I don’t have meetings with any CPAs who carry securities licenses or any attorneys or CPAs who have an exclusive relationship with a financial advisor.  For the handful of professional appointments that slipped through their screens and were not a good fit for my practice, he has always replaced them for me without a question. I have generated a tremendous amount of business as a result of this program, both directly from clients referred to me by the CPAs and attorneys and indirectly from referrals from those clients. I found the program quickly pays for itself in commissions generated from sales from referrals received and continues to pay for itself in ongoing fee revenue from new assets under management. I have also benefitted from the coaching received from Dr. Len in the form of the monthly tele-classes. His program is so good, I have used it as my one and only marketing program for the past three years. I encourage you to give it a try. It works!


-I’ve been very happy with my experience working with Len. It’s been a little over a year now, and Dr. Len Schwartz has been committed to making sure he and his team provide quality leads. I know from my own and others’ experience that the financial advisors and other specialists in Dr. Len Schwartz’s network are totally legitimate. First of all, all Pro2Pro specialists are pre-screened, licensed, and experienced. And second, I’ve made a great deal of commission and generated more business than expected a result of the program. The process is transparent, which I appreciate, and Dr. Len Schwartz doesn’t hesitate to explain what to expect at every appointment. The fees are reasonable, and you don’t pay anything until you start making money through the program; it’s all commission-based. I understand how this might look to someone who’s new to a system like Pro2Pro, but I have absolutely no gripes. Like I said, transparency is key here because Dr. Schwartz and his team are super-honest about what they do to help you succeed. He actually started out as a chiropractor, is totally self-made, and there’s no arguing that he’s talented at what he does. I mean, how else could Pro2Pro have hit $150 million in referrals? Really, Dr. Len Schwartz has coached me through his marketing system and provides CPA and attorney referrals of the highest quality. In my book, he comes highly recommended.