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Consider Case Studies…Not Just Testimonials

I know that many of you reading this have compliance or even legal restrictions that prevent you from using testimonials. So, before I begin, here is the obligatory disclaimer – IT’S UP TO YOU TO STAY LEGAL!Ok, now that that’s out of the way…let’s get into it…Most professionals understand the …

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Social Media Marketing Service Exclusive Tour

Here’s an exclusive sneak peek at the inside of our members area at Automated Social Networking. This is a turn-key, done-for-you service for doctors, professionals, and affiliate marketers that don’t have time to do the online marketing themselves or are just not tech savvy. It’s the ULTIMATE solution if you …

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BYOB – Building Your Own Business

When you think about building your practice, it is likely that you only focus on new patients/clients. The question that I have for you is: How many initiatives do you have in place to help you generate new patients/clients? One? Two? Eight? And, how many new patients/clients do you want …

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