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Business Growth

Dr. Len Schwartz has been helping professionals AUTOMATE the growth of their practice and income for a VERY long time. In fact, since I have my SYSTEMS down to such an EXACT step-by-step science…I GUARANTEE results for my clients.

New Client/Patient System

I recently talked about the importance of having your staff (front desk person or office manager) know how to address many of the typical questions that a prospective new patient/client might ask. This is crucial, as dozens of new patients/clients are lost each year simply because this “system” is not …

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Consistency is the Key

Here is one of the top three secrets to helping you maximize your efforts and your results with all of your marketing and all of your advertising initiatives. It’s incredibly simple, it’s easy to do, but very few people ever do it. What is it – Consistency! Most doctors, professionals …

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It’s ALL about VALUE

Let’s talk about value! What do I mean when I say value? Your ability to communicate the value of what you do and/or attach value to your products and/or services (or both), is going to help to differentiate you. It will allow you to position yourself as being better than …

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Consider Case Studies…Not Just Testimonials

I know that many of you reading this have compliance or even legal restrictions that prevent you from using testimonials. So, before I begin, here is the obligatory disclaimer – IT’S UP TO YOU TO STAY LEGAL!Ok, now that that’s out of the way…let’s get into it…Most professionals understand the …

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