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Business Growth

Dr. Len Schwartz has been helping professionals AUTOMATE the growth of their practice and income for a VERY long time. In fact, since I have my SYSTEMS down to such an EXACT step-by-step science…I GUARANTEE results for my clients.

Chiropractic Marketing For A Successful Practice

Chiropractic marketing for a successful practice involves more than just offering free screenings every few months. Often, chiropractors lose prospective patients because they give up on their prospects too soon. For a campaign to be successful, chiropractors must consistently follow up with prospective patients, and must keep following up over …

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Learn Why You Need to Host A Client Appreciation Day

How many times per year do you throw a party for your patients, clients or customers? If you don’t celebrate “your customers”, you’re missing an unbelievable opportunity to generate/stimulate a lot of referrals. For example; if you’re a doctor, you can have a patient appreciation day. If you’re a financial …

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How is Your Staff Answering the Phone?

It is likely that you are unaware of how many potential clients/patients/customers call your office/business and ask typical “shopper” questions in order to decide whether they should use your products/services. Most business owners assume that their staff knows exactly how to answer those questions and that they routinely convert those …

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