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Business Growth

Dr. Len Schwartz has been helping professionals AUTOMATE the growth of their practice and income for a VERY long time. In fact, since I have my SYSTEMS down to such an EXACT step-by-step science…I GUARANTEE results for my clients.

The Powerful Newsletter

Do you have a monthly patient, client, or customer newsletter in place? If you don’t have a monthly newsletter, direct mail letter, research or “news update” information piece going out to your database on at least a monthly basis, you’re missing out on an opportunity to maintain what is called …

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3 Ways to Grow Your Business or Practice

This marketing idea is the result of a conversation I had with Jay Abraham, so I need to give him the credit. One day we were discussing different ways to grow my business. Then, he told me very simply that there are three ways to grow a business/practice: 1) Increase …

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Marketing is ALL About Testing!

This marketing strategy isn’t a “traditional” marketing strategy, as you understand marketing. It’s a foundational understanding about what marketing is. Marketing is simply a series of “tests” to see what works! Believe me, I wish I could tell you that every marketing effort you launch will produce like crazy, but …

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“Referrals by Association” – Not What You Think

There is a referral strategy (that does not involve asking for a referral) that I call the “Referral by Association” conversation. When talking to patients/clients, how often do you proactively associate, explain or share information or stories about how you help other patients/clients with OTHER “problems”…that are different than what …

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