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Business Growth

Dr. Len Schwartz has been helping professionals AUTOMATE the growth of their practice and income for a VERY long time. In fact, since I have my SYSTEMS down to such an EXACT step-by-step science…I GUARANTEE results for my clients.

Dr. Len Schwartz- Using Linkedin to Generate Prospects Hey, this is Dr. Len Schwartz. The number one reason why 99% of your colleagues fail to generate prospects and new clients from Linkedin, is because they’re in always be closing, always be selling mode. They meet somebody, they establish a first …

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Dr. Len Schwartz- Testimonial Marketing

Dr. Len Schwartz- The Value of Testimonial Marketing Hey, this is Dr. Len Schwartz. When it comes to marketing your products or services, testimonials are just as valuable today as they ever were,? Do you have at least five different ways or efforts in place that provide your active clients, …

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Dr Len Schwartz- The GTO Marketing Effort

Dr Len Schwartz- The GTO Marketing Effort Hey, this is Dr. Len Schwartz. Today, I want to talk about the GTO marketing effort. GTO= Group Text Offer If you’re not getting permission from your active clients, patients, or customers to text them, whether it’s to let them know about a …

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