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The Secrets of Successfully Building Your Brand

Most business owners spend very little time on building their brand. Yet, it’s one of the most important “factors” in maintaining top-of-mind-awareness, brand recognition and reputation in your community (or with your buying public). In other words, brand recognition with the people who live and/or work in your community, your …

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The Rules of Direct Response Marketing

This marketing strategy is all about direct response marketing. If you don’t know what direct response marketing is, I’ll explain. Direct response marketing can be a classified ad, an editorial, an article, a letter (piece of mail), a radio or TV commercial, an e-mail campaign or an insert that simply …

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The 10 Minute Makeover Marketing Strategy

This marketing strategy is all about makeovers. I’m sure by now you have been exposed to all of the different types of makeovers on television. Remember, the only reason they have so many shows about before-and-after makeovers, is because the public LOVES these stories! The story is what keeps the …

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