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Dr. Len Schwartz – Become a Great Opener So Prospects Close You


Hello, my name is Dr. Len Schwartz.

There are a lot of folks (gurus) out there who educate people how to be excellent closers, hard closers, who get to push or persuade people to say “yes.”

I don’t believe anyone enjoys that.

You get your prospects to close you when you understand how to be a great opener.

This is a whole separate procedure.

A complete paradigm change has occurred.

To become a fantastic opener, you must first listen and comprehend what your prospect desires.

They comprehend why you are superior to/distinct from others.

They understand why they haven’t been able to locate anyone else who can assist them in the same way you can.

Then you have the opportunity to take that prospect down a very short route that leads to their asking you, “Will you accept me as your client?”

Make a name for yourself as a superb opener.

Allow your prospects to close the deal.

Have a wonderful day.




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