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Dr. Len Schwartz- Follow Up

Dr. Len Schwartz- Follow Up

I dug this one out of the archives! Still a great strategy and relevant today.

Hi, this is Dr. Len Schwartz. I speak to dozens and dozens of financial advisors every week and have done so every week for the last several years.

The one constant that exists within your entire fraternity of advisors is that you are terrible at follow up with referral relationship partners like CPAs, accountants, and attorneys.

What I mean is, you’re great at the meeting. You shake hands and exchange business cards. You exchange opportunities and ideas and ways in which you can help each other grow.

And then, you go back to your office, put the business card on your desk ….and you never call that professional back.

My advice for today is put a system in place.

When you meet with somebody, and this could be a new or prospective client as well, and you know that you should follow up with that person in X amount of days or weeks, put the information in your calendar soon as you get back.

This way, if it’s in your calendar you know you’ll do it. You’ll make the call. You’ll have a follow-up system that is really simple and easy to follow.

You may actually get a new client out of it or start to develop a strong, fruitful referral relationship out of the process.

Put that follow-up system in place and you’ll never be that advisor that fails to follow up with all those potential referral relationships.

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