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Dr. Len Schwartz- BAF Day

Dr. Len Schwartz- BAF Day

Dr. Len Schwartz- BAF Day


Today I want to talk about “BAF” days.


What does BAF mean?


It stands for Bring a Friend.


We all know referrals make the best patients, clients or customers.


Throughout the year you could have bring a friend days.


Whether you’re a doctor, professional, plumber, electrician or mechanic, it doesn’t matter. You can create an event in your business where it is appropriate to have your existing patients, clients or customers bring a friend (or friends) so that they can learn how you may be able to help them with your products, services or solutions.


I want you to sit down with your team and schedule your next bring a friend day – even if it’s virtual, where you promise to share valuable, life-enhancing, life-improving information and help them in some way.


And…watch your referrals quadruple over the next year!

















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