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Dr. Len Schwartz – Go From Chaser To Expert In One Day



Most of your colleagues aren’t used to
having prospects ask them, “Will you accept me as your client?”

If only they knew how easy it is to
Go From Chaser To Expert In One Day


Just talked to my new client Gary (a financial advisor)
on Monday morning…

Gary is a GREAT guy, but was used to prospects saying, “I have to think about it” or “I want to check with other Advisors first” or “I want to follow up in 90 days”

Gary now knows how to communicate his value
AND the value of his services at such a high level…

At the end of the day on Monday, Gary texted me
to let me know that (for the first time)
he had a prospect ask him if he we would accept him as his client.

If your prospects aren’t asking you
if you would accept them as your client…

You are probably working much much harder (chasing and following up)
then you have to – and I can help you.

Business is so much easier when your prospects chase you.

Want to learn this process?

Click this link– Dr. Len

P.S. The foundation of your first conversation with a prospect MUST include how and why you are better/different than ALL of your colleagues. If you don’t know how to do that…your prospect has NO other reason to believe that you are just part of the dime-a-dozen.

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