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Dr. Len Schwartz – Database Access


What if I told you that you have a database sitting on your computer right now.. today… that could help you generate a lot of new business and income in the next 30 days?

This database is your old, inactive, missing in action or discharged patients, clients or customers that you’re probably not marketing to.

Since these people already know, like and trust you on some level, why aren’t you reaching out to them on at least a weekly basis to let them know what’s new with you, your office, services or solutions, or how they could continue to benefit by working with you?

Today, at the very least, write an email.

Let them know about the new or improved services, products or solutions you have in your business and invite them to have a conversation, download something, watch a video or listen to an audio to learn what they could be achieving, receiving or experiencing if they reached out to you today.

If you need help with this, click this link for my L2C Email marketing program.

It has over 100 different Lead Follow up and Conversion marketing templates that you can use to start sending out to your inactive and missing in action email database.

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