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Dr. Len Schwartz- A Mind Hack For Success

Dr. Len Schwartz- A Mind Hack For Success



Dr. Len Schwartz- A Mind Hack For Success


Hey, this is Dr. Len Schwartz. 


Did you know that most business owners wake up every day and the first thing they think about as soon as their eyes open is /are all of the things they’re worried about, fearful of, or anxious about?


 I want to give you a mind hack today that will immediately change that, starting tonight. 


First thing tomorrow morning, here’s what I want you to say to yourself as soon as you open your eyes, “ I wonder what great things are going to happen to me today?”.


All of a sudden, just like that, you will start to be consciously aware of any and all of the great things that happen to you on a daily basis. 


It’s the other side of the fence, away from that fear wearing anxiety. You don’t want any of that negative stuff. You want all of those great things. You want to achieve, receive or experience them .


Start every day this way. Teach your children to wake up and say this to themselves and watch what happens to their life as well. 
















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